Huron County Democratic Party

How To Help

To contact your precinct committee person CLICK HERE, then click "Central Committee". Or message us via our Contact Form.

Ways to help your community and country via your Huron County Democratic Party:

  • VOTE in every election!
  • Become a Precinct Election Official and work the polls. (CLICK HERE, then click "Information about working at the polls on Election Day."
  • Canvass for a candidate by door knock or by phone. (See candidate info.)
  • Participate in lit drop canvassing.
  • Help with a mail campaign.
  • Attend Huron County Democratic Party events. (See calendar.)
  • Put up a yard sign.
  • Talk with your neighbors.
  • Donate to Democratic candidates.
  • Donate to the Huron County Democratic Party. (CLICK HERE.)