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2020 Service Awards

Each year the Huron County Democratic Party recognizes the outstanding efforts and commitment of individuals in the continuance of our mission to elect representatives who will enact laws that put people first.

  • The John T. Hogsett Memorial Award is presented to a member of the Democratic Party who has made an exemplary contribution to the Democratic Party for a period of time exceeding five years. The 2020 award goes to Ginger Packert , Norwalk, in recognition of her efforts to teach democratic values to our youth, without referring to a political party. Ginger Packert
  • The Leona H. Weisenberger Award is given to a Democrat who has served the public, in the capacity of an officeholder or public official, in a manner that merits recognition and appreciation. By this award, the Huron County Democratic Party brings the faithful discharge of public duties to the attention of the people of Huron County. The 2020 award goes to Chris Raftery, Monroeville, in recognition of her commitment and leadership in Monroeville and the many boards she serves on. Chris Raftery and Karen Prelipp
  • The John F. Elmlinger Memorial Award is presented to a Huron County Democrat who has made a significant and continuous contribution to the quality of life in Huron County through civic and charitable activities. The 2020 award goes to Kati Hicks for her efforts to bring the Imagination Library to Huron County, and raise $1,000.00 to get books into the homes of Huron County’s preschoolers. Kati Hicks
  • The Vivian and Evert Ratliff Memorial Award is given to a Democrat for their work doing “the unnoticed work of the grassroots.” The many little things that are the nuts and bolts of politics, and the lifeblood of a successful campaign. The 2020 award is presented to Kate Rivet for her work to establish Firelands Indivisible, working tirelessly on the redistricting issue, and her voter registration and outreach efforts.
  • The Chairman/Chairwoman’s Award is given each year to Democrats who have made outstanding contributions and service to the Democratic Party. Chairwoman Sue Lesch recognized 4 people who put their commitment into action by delivering nearly 1,000 yard signs all over the county. The 2020 recipients are Rebecca Lawson, Norwalk; Pam Mckenzie, Willard; Alfred Ferguson, Bellevue; and Robert Gonzales, Bellevue. Our thanks for their energy and drive. Pam McKenzie
    Pam McKenzie

CONTACT US at if you would like to become involved. "Democracy is not a spectator sport." - Charles A. Bucher

PRESS RELEASE: Huron County Democratic Party Elects a New Chair

February 1, 2021
Huron County, Ohio

Photo of Karen Prelipp and Sue Lesch

Photo: Karen Prelipp (left) and Sue Lesch

The Huron County Democratic Party is pleased to announce that Karen Prelipp will serve as the new local Party Chairwoman. Prelipp was elected to the position at the quarterly meeting of the party’s Central and Executive Committees on January 27. Prelipp will also serve as the Democratic representative on the Huron County Board of Elections.

Prelipp has been active in local Democratic activities for some time, having served on the Policy, Central, and Executive Committees. She has been very involved in many campaigns, both local and national, and the Huron County Action Team. Prelipp has also been very involved in the life of our community as a local accounting professional, leader of the Ohio Business and Professional Women’s Assoc., and the owner of Kip’s Kookies.

“We have work to do to increase our Democratic presence in Huron County,” Prelipp says. “Sue Lesch has provided great leadership to bring us to where we are. I see my challenge as Chair to be a guide for all of us to speak with one voice with a message of inclusion. Our country is very divided right now so we need to find ways to have conversations where we can reach common ground with our family, friends and neighbors.”

Former Party Chairwoman Sue Lesch retires after serving 10 years. “I have been blessed to serve the local Democratic Party," says Lesch. I have met so many wonderful people, locally, statewide and nationally. Dedicated people who work hard as public servants, appointed officials, and volunteers. I’ve been enriched by these opportunities. I am not going anywhere. I will continue to work locally on the Democratic core issues of Jobs, Education and Health Care. I’ve just given myself permission to slow down a bit.”


Imagination Library

Imagination Library

Please support the Huron County Imagination Library.

And thanks to our own Kati Hicks for her vision and work in helping to bring this program to Huron County.

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