Huron County Democratic Party
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May. 06 James Johnson for State Rep Spaghetti Dinner
4:30 PM - The Depot at Willard Park

Polls open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM

May. 09 Meet the Candidates
7 PM - Willard High School Auditorium

May. 11 HCDP Lunch & Learn
Noon to 1:00 PM - Berry's Restaurant - #MeToo

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By contacting the Huron County Board of Elections, 180 Milan Avenue, Norwalk. Phone 419-668-8238. To check if you are registered, see the My Vote Section above.

In The News

Carbon Markets Pay Off for These States as New Businesses, Jobs Spring Up
(Inside Climate News, April 17, 2018) "A 3-year review found $1.4 billion in economic benefits across the 9 RGGI states, no harm to electric grid reliability, and long-term benefits for residents. ... Here's how RGGI works: Using an auction system, the states offer a declining number of carbon emissions credits each year, which power plant owners bid on and are then required to use to offset their carbon dioxide emissions. The states then invest the proceeds in a variety of energy programs."

In Oklahoma schools, bosses are helping teachers go on strike
(LA Times, Mar 29, 2018)  "[I]n Oklahoma — as with the recent nine-day teacher's strike in West Virginia — the traditional battle lines between workers and management have gotten blurred as both sides take aim at a bigger target: the state Legislature. ... "What you are seeing right now is a fight for public education, because the school boards are saying, 'How are we going to get teachers for this and the next generation of kids?'""

How the NRA resurrected the Second Amendment - Here’s the story of how America’s gun politics got so broken.
(Vox, Mar 14, 2018) "[T]his deterioration has been decades in the making, as ... the National Rifle Association, took part in a decades-long, massive political campaign that helped alter Americans’ — and even the courts’ — views of gun rights and particularly the Second Amendment. In doing this, the NRA shifted the country from the view that the Second Amendment is about the federal government’s role in state-run militias to one that it’s really about individual Americans’ right to bear arms.

How immigration raids have — and haven’t — changed under the Trump administration
(PRI's The World, Mar 16, 2018) "[I]mmigrant advocates and observers said enforcement tactics of [ICE] have changed under the Trump Administration. Arrests by the agency increased by 30 percent in fiscal year 2017, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. Immigrant advocates and analysts attribute that jump to the agency casting a wider net and arresting people whose only offense is breaking immigration laws. 'People who are not expecting enforcement are suddenly faced with enforcement,' [an expert observer] said."