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Christian Nationalism Counter Rally

January 6, 2023

Norwalk, Ohio

For Immediate Release

Contact: Karen Prelipp,

I want to start my remarks with 16 words. Some of you might guess what they

are. These are the first 16 words of the Bill of Rights, written by Christians, and

considered by them to be so critical that they chose them to open one of

America’s most beloved foundational documents:

Congress Shall Make No Law Respecting the Establishment of Religion or

Prohibiting the Free Exercise thereof.

Those are the first words of the first Amendment to the US Constitution. They

are clear and they are comprehensive. And they reflect a fundamental American

value that reaches back to the establishment of the original American colonies,

which were often founded by refugees fleeing religious persecution in their

homelands. The Church and the State must be separate. There is surely a place

for religion in daily life, but there is no place for it in government.

Right now, down this street and on the steps of this town’s courthouse, a group is

preparing to attempt to counter that argument. They’re calling it “A Peaceful

Rally for Christian Nationalism”. So, what is Christian Nationalism? Let me start

to answer that by declaring that it is NOT, and should not be confused, with

Christianity. Christianity, on its face, teaches followers to love God and to love

their neighbor. Christian Nationalism is not about love. It is about power. And if

given half a chance to take root, it will become about fear.

Christian Nationalism seeks to merge together Christian and American identities

and through doing so to distort both the Christian faith and America’s

Constitutional Democracy. It demands that Christianity be privileged and

preferred by the State and implies that to be a good American, one must be a

Christian. It implies that to be other than Christian is, by itself, to be less than. To

be less worthy of the government’s respect and protection and that this should

be encoded into Law.

Christian Nationalism is not solely a threat to non-Christians, though it is certainly

that. It is not solely a threat to American Liberty, though it is certainly that too.

It’s also a threat to Christianity. And Christians all over the country recognize and

agree with this. The organization Christians Against Christian Nationalism put it

better than I can in the statement they ask members to adopt. It reads:

 People of all faiths and none have the right and responsibility to engage

constructively in the public square.

 Patriotism does not require us to minimize our religious convictions.

 One’s religious affiliation, or lack thereof, should be irrelevant to one’s

standing in the civic community.

 Government should not prefer one religion over another or religion over


 Religious instruction is best left to our houses of worship, other religious

institutions, and families.

 America’s historic commitment to religious pluralism enables faith

communities to live in civic harmony with one another without sacrificing

our theological convictions.

 Conflating religious authority with political authority is idolatrous and often

leads to oppression of minority and other marginalized groups as well as

the spiritual impoverishment of religion.

 We must stand up to and speak out against Christian nationalism, especially

when it inspires acts of violence and intimidation

The event about to happen at the courthouse is being put on by a group that calls

itself “The Perfect Law Institute”. The declare themselves, and I quote:

“A Christian Educational & Evangelistic Institute focused on

returning Christianity and Civil Society to Proper Biblical Principles

of Law for Civil Government and Politics.”

They don’t mince words, do they? No, they’re being very clear about what they

want. And what they want should concern every one of us.

How do they intend to do this? Their website also provides us with that they call

their “current” goals. Among these goals, and again I quote:

 Organize and facilitate Christian political reform in strategic municipalities

where Christians stand a chance and defending a government based on

biblical penology, jurisprudence, and civics.

 Raise up Christian government officials through educational programs,

campaign support, and direct contributions

 Organize and facilitate Christian migration into states and municipalities

that are favorable for cultivating Christian political reform

 Create a Corporate Recognition program which highlights companies that

adhere to values consistent with Bible and/or the American Constitution

And while that may all sound rather benign and peaceful, and just another group

partaking in the opportunity to participate in American Democracy and Society,

I’m noticing that they’re careful to call these “current” goals. Why? Because

these goals are aimed at establishing a base from which to grow. And as they

grow the goals will change. If this were any other religion, happening in any other

place, we would call it what it is: Fundamentalist Religious Extremism. And just

as with any religious extremist movement, the goals will become more invasive,

more fundamentalist, more extreme.

It's no accident that they chose January 6th as the date to hold this event. They’re

clear about that on their website also. I again quote:

“The date for the event was obviously selected very specifically as a

day on which a real insurrection occurred in our country; not a day of

"insurrection" when 3 letter agency members ran a false flag attack

against a group of peaceful protestors, but a day of true insurrection

when an illegitimate president, his administration, and an overall

value system of anarchy and "Pride" seized the government of the

United States of America, through fraud. The Biden Administration

are the ones who currently sit on a throne of power that was acquired

through fraud and weaponization of federal bureaus against their

political opponents. The Perfect Liberty Institute endeavors to stand

for truth and see the true light of God’s Word brought to bear on the

biblical state of our country, and the imminent duty of Christians to

act in order that justice be done for our neighbors…In standing for

Christian Nationalism, which is in essence biblical law enforcement,

we are standing for biblical justice for our neighbors. Therefore, the

time is now, the fight is now; a real insurrection has been perpetrated

against our neighbors, and we are the only ones on Earth who know

how to be “doers” of the perfect law of liberty, and who know the

Truth that can set them all free.”

Religious fundamentalism always runs the same playbook. They use the good

name of a religion as a cloak and shield to protect bad intentions from scrutiny

and to inspire others to their cause by fooling them into thinking that doing so is


This is not righteous. This is not Christian. And this is not American.

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