Huron County Democratic Party

Upcoming Election

PRIMARY/SPECIAL ELECTION: MAY 7, 2019 in Huron County, Ohio

    • The DEADLINE to register to vote in the May 7, 2019, election is APRIL 8.
    • To CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION on-line in two minutes, CLICK HERE. (Ohio Secretary of State)
    • To REGISTER TO VOTE ON-LINE in six minutes, CLICK HERE. (Ohio Secretary of State)
    • Or you can REGISTER TO VOTE AT THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS, 180 Milan Ave., Suite 4, Norwalk. Phone: 419-668-8238.
    • To see the Huron County Democratic Party Candidates Page, CLICK HERE.
  • VOTE BY MAIL (Source: Ohio Secretary of State.)
    • Return your voted ballot by mail, postmarked no later than May. 6 (the day before the election), OR in person at your Board of Elections prior to closing of polls (7:30 PM) on Election Day.
  • ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, May 7th
    • POLLS OPEN from 6:30AM to 7:30PM
    • ID REQUIRED at the polling place, must show name and present address. It can be, for example:
      • your driver's license or state ID
      • a utility bill
      • a bank statement
      • a copy of your government check or pay check
      • For the full list and details, CLICK HERE. (Ohio Secretary of State)
      It CANNOT be the notice of voter registration mailed to you by the Board of Elections
  • BALLOT ISSUES In due time ...